Internet of things

Smart devices

We create IoT devices to meet the requirements of each of our customers. By carrying out joint work of exploration and ideation, we take care of designing and implementing prototypes and final products in a simple and reliable way along the project stages.

Updatables, configurables, capable of processing data and make autonomous decisions


From identified requirements, we design the architecture, hardware and most suitable software in terms of costs and times. We choose the technology that best enhances your project.


With agile methodologies we continuously add value to the client in each cycle. Prototypes from all the pieces of the solution to validate and advance implementation of the final product.


We carry out laboratory and field tests. Manufacturing management of prototypes in Argentina and abroad both in low quantities and production batches.

Technologies we apply

Customized solutions

We cover a wide range of hardware and software technologies that we apply in each of the projects we engage to get the best results. We make special focus on integration capacity, scalability and efficiency of each device and platform we create.

Connected to Internet 24/7, directly or through a hub. Updatables, configurables and capable of processing data and making decisions autonomously. Powered by batteries, solar panels or the main power grid.

Where we specialize


These are some use cases where our services add great value

Smart homes and cities

Home automation, devices connected to voice assistants, garbage management, smart parking, energy efficiency, green areas irrigation


Logistics, preventive maintenance detection, control and measurement through industrial protocol interfaces


Smart irrigation, environmental parameters monitor & control, settle tracking, selective dosing of chemicals

Continuous innovation


These are some of our clients with whom we work together to design quality products and services.

IoT solutions design


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