Control drip or spray on horticultural crops, hydroponics, and greenhouses. Receive alerts whenever a fault is detected and trigger automatically a watering program on sensor activation.


Easy and secure connection of PLC and other industrial devices to the cloud for data analysis. Integrate different communication controls within a single solution.

Smart cities

Spray or drip irrigation on parks and orchards by automatically adjusting the watering time based on the soil requirements and the local weather to keep the grass and plants quality in excellent conditions.

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IoT devices designed to be connected 24/7 to Internet with minimum power consumption. Updatables, configurables and capable of process data and take decisions autonomously.

Cloud, fog and edge solutions to maximize data availability.

Mobile applications connected to cloud platforms or directly to the devices.

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Technological Innovation

We are a company focused on develop engineering solutions for agriculture and industry markets, merging latest technologies to reach out the expectations of each client and project.

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