Industrial IoT Gateway

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Industrial IoT Gateway

The improvements achieved in sercurity and connectivity allow to incorporate the concept of Internet of Things in the industry, making a lot of valuable data available. With them it is possible to analyze it and use its result to improve preventive maintenance and have a centralized remote management to detect faults instantly. Our IoT Gateway allows you to connect any PLC or device through industrial protocols to any platform in the cloud in a simple, secure and reliable way.

  • Certificate protected cloud connection
  • PLC connection interface through standard industrial protocols
  • Configuration wizards
  • Scalable upon requirements

Product highlights

PLC connection

Supports Modbus RTU & TCP industrial protocols

Cloud connection

Connect the gateway to any cloud platform through MQTT protocol

Smooth configuration

Perform all the necessary configuration at once through visual wizards from any smartphone or PC


Access protected data through certificates, keeping safe your system

Always available

Online remote connection. Monitor and control all your system values in real time.


Industrial design for extreme environment conditions


It has been designed for industrial environments, prepared to be mounted on DIN rail and powered with 24VDC. One Ethernet port is connected to the PLC and the other one to the router connected to Internet. It also can access to Internet through WiFi, GPRS or 3G

The most important IoT platforms accept MQTT or HTTPS connections, such as AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform. The gateway can be configured the protocol and connection features as well as filters to restrict the data access. Due to security certificates implementation, data is protected on all its stages.

The supported protocols are Modbus TCP (Ethernet) and Modbus RT (RS-485) (expected).

The device needs to be configured only once by accessing to its local web server from any PC or smartphone. All the configuration process is done through visual wizards.