Irrigation controller

irrigation controller installation

Smart controllers

Designed under the IoT concept, the newest technologies and Internet connection capability, our devices allow monitoring, controlling and creating irrigation programs in real time from anywhere at any time. This provide a complete and efficient solution, saving significant amounts of water, time and money.

  • Cloud connected.
  • Flexible and scalable design.
  • Efficient water management.
  • Excellent integration in professional and agriculture applications

Product highlights

Watering zones

Drive up to 8 zones, water pumps and fertirrigation.


Connect up to 6 digital or analog sensors to monitor humidity, temperature, soil moisture, levels, pH, flow, etc.


WiFi or GPRS connection to Internet. Also access to it directly as a WiFi spot.


8 irrigation programs with multiple start times, watering from a second to hours in each zone.

Secure data

All settings remain in memory even when the device is disconnected.

Smart balance

Water only when it is necessary. Automatically adjust irrigation times based on weather conditions.

biobot aplicacion movil

Easy, agile and friendly

Software specially developed for our devices. Web browser as well as iOS & Android apps available.


Developed to provide excellent user experience and high quality navigation.

All from one place

Manage all your devices from any mobile device or web browser.


Set your irrigation system in a few steps through simple graphical wizards.


Receive a warning on a failure or sensor activation.


Get in detail how and when watering was applied from our historical reports.

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Technical specifications

Watering timesFrom 1 second to 12 hours
Pump control2
SensorsUp to 6. Pulse, analog or digital sensors.
Internet connectionWiFi or mobile network (Gprs).
Input voltage110VAC/220VAC
Output voltage zones/pumps24VAC
Dimensions16cm x 13,5cm x 3,5cm


The controller connects to Internet through WiFi or the mobile network (Gprs) to report its state, adjust its configuration and activate programs and watering zones.

Yes, you can access with our application for mobile devices. Our controllers generate a WiFi signal where users can connect to.

No. Program configuration is stored in controller's internal memory. They will be always activated on time.

Yes. Biobot controllers are 100% compatible with commercial electrovalves and sensors. Replacement is direct and really simple.

Yes, flow detectors and meters can be connected to the device to detect any pressure problem and get instant notifications about this issue.