Wireles nodes network

biobot nodes network

Wireless nodes network

Powered by battery or solar panel, each node periodically sends weather and crop conditions to a gateway connected to Internet. This allows farmers to apply the amount of water and chemicals needed for each sector. Get accurate information to define short and mid term work plans.

  • Cloud connected.
  • Flexible and scalable design.
  • Direct integration with other software farming tools.
  • Reduce costs (work hours, fuel, chemicals).

Product highlights

Low power consumption

Battery or solar panel for long term operation.


Connect up to 4 analog and digital sensors.


Wireless nodes can be connected from distances longer than 1.2 miles. Data is sent through the gateway to Internet.


Our algorithms can detect diseases and other crop risks based on weather and soil data.


Get measured values automatically every few minutes


Export data to other agriculture software tools.


Each node is installed in a crop sector. They can be connected to sensors and also can activate pumps, electrovalves, etc.

Every network has a single gateway and multiple nodes which are connected to it. Due to their design, they can be installed long distances away from the gateway.

Yes, the network was designed to be scalable. Every new node can be quickly configured from any mobile device or PC.

Each node allows to connect up to 4 analog or digital sensors from any type (temperature, humidity, moisture, rainfall, tank levels, switches, etc. Configuration is set through visual wizards in a few steps.